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AGM battery

SolarX accumulator batteries manufactured using AGM technology are the most modern and have a number of advantages over classic batteries:

- do not require maintenance;

- hermetic housing and the presence of a valve adjustment prevents acid leakage and terminal corrosion;

- safe operation: if properly charged, the possibility of gas evolution and the risk of explosion is excluded;

- Sealed design allows you to install the battery in almost any position (upside down is not recommended);

- confident operation at low temperatures;

- Vibration resistance.

As a result, with the low cost of the AGM battery and its maintenance, we can note a long service life and high reliability, as well as the ability to install in virtually any position and indoors without ventilation.

AGM rechargeable batteries work well in buffer mode, the service life can be up to 15 years, if used correctly, which makes it popular in standby power systems.