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Warm floor

Electric floor heating is a very convenient, modern and economically feasible solution to the problem of optimal maintenance of the set temperature in your home. This solution is ideal for an apartment, a private house or villa, and industrial or office space. Electric floor heating can serve as the main source of heat, and can also be an addition to any heating system that is installed in your home. The warm floor provides an adequate level of comfort, maintains the optimum temperature level, creates a cozy atmosphere.

The popularity of electric heating systems provides a number of advantages:

* Comfort - uniform temperature distribution in the room; * Economical - economical type of heating. The possibility of heating different rooms in different time periods, without the need to run the entire heating system at the same time, the possibility of heating selected rooms;

* Aesthetics of the room - does not occupy a useful area, the systems of the warm floor are not visible;

* Safety - noiseless, does not dry the air; * Reliability and long service life;

* Easy operation, simple and convenient temperature adjustment to suit any your requirements.