Terneo ax unic

Wi-Fi thermostat terneo ax unic

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The thermoregulator terneo ax unic is complimented by a frame from the UNICA Schneider Electric series.

Wi-Fi thermostat

Remote control of heating allows you to create the most comfortable temperature during the presence and save energy when there is no one in the room.

Use the remote control for flexible operational heating control. View and analyze statistics to achieve maximum savings. Turn off the heat from the phone when you leave, turn on the economical mode, when everyone went to bed, control the heating remotely, when indoors people without access to control.

In the main application settings, select the management mode:

timer (schedule), manual mode or departure.

terneo ax features the ability to control not only a phone or a computer, but also with buttons. This is useful when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

You can buy a wi-fi thermostat terneo ax unic by visiting our office in Kiev.

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