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Medium mmv

LLC "SOLAR ICS" presents a novelty from the company ELEKTRA - heating mat MMV.

ELEKTRA MMV heating mats are special portable heating devices that allow them to be used immediately. MMV mats represent a permanent resistance cable, fixed on a polyester mesh and covered with a layer of thermal insulation.

Mats are intended for defrosting soil, defrosting hay in stacks or haying in rolls, for heating the cable in the drums during the winter, when the air temperature is below the minimum permissible mounting temperature.

The size of the product 3000mm * 1000 * 20mm.

The power of portable heating mat is 1000W.

There are no competitors in this product.

You can buy a portable heating mat of MMV by calling:

+38 (044) 223-38-55

+38 (068) 705-78-98