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New arrival! Uninterruptible power supplies SOLARX

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Dear Clients! Our company is pleased to announce the news about the expansion of the assortment!

We present to your attention an innovative solution in the field of guaranteed power supply.

ONLINE UPS SolarX series SX - NB and SX - NE in the power range of 1000-2000-3000-6000 VA, created on the basis of advanced double conversion technology.

One of the main tasks of the SolarX SX uninterruptible power supplies is to provide continuous continuous power supply to critical equipment and systems during shutdown or beyond normal operating parameters of the external power supply network.

The team of qualified technical specialists of our company with many years of experience in the industry, carefully analyzing the requirements and requests of users, has developed a UPS system with maximum efficiency and efficiency. SolarX uninterruptible power supplies are reliable in operation and meet modern high standards of quality.

Dual conversion technology performs full filtering of the incoming voltage during operation from an external source, while ensuring reliable protection of sensitive electrical equipment against interference, distortion, bursts, voltage drops and frequency oscillations, supplying a clean, perfect sine, filtered signal to the load.