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SolarX Technical Support and Service Policies

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Solar Iks Ltd., based on the concept of a high level of quality in the industry, and based on the high demands of the market for autonomous power supply, has set up a service center for its technical support for the equipment and solutions supplied under the SolarX brand, as well as to ensure maximum reliability and uninterrupted work of responsible systems of consumers.
The Customer and Partner Service System and the technical team provide the users with the following benefits:
- technical advice on autonomous power supply from private offers to complex solutions;
- professional mobile service, including the existing equipment of other brands at the objects of the Partners and Customers;
- competent preliminary technical audit of the objects of the Customer;
- supply and maintenance of the necessary components and consumables, original spare parts and repair kits;
- replacement fund, in case of necessity of diagnostics and equipment service in laboratory conditions;
- electrical laboratory for the implementation of qualified pre-sales and service diagnostics, as well as maintenance of the supplied equipment;
- training of customer personnel, holding thematic events aimed at informing the partners in detail about the technical capabilities of equipment and technological innovations in the industry.
In the process of cooperation, the technical specialists of the company, if necessary, will provide practical training for the personnel of the Customer.
The development of an affiliate network throughout the country to improve the operation of the service system facilitates the creation of operational sites based on partner companies for maintenance and service in the regions where the user objects are located, since it is very important for us to provide timely and high-quality technical support services to enhance reliable uninterrupted work of critical user systems and support the competitiveness of Uninterruptible Power Supply SolarX in its industry.

The next stage in the development of this program is the creation of a mobile technical training center, where regular training is planned with the subsequent certification and delegation of powers of partners in the region.
Solar X's warranty policy.
1. All SolarX equipment has a 12 month warranty, subject to compliance with the connection rules and the relevant operating conditions.
2. Upon expiration of the warranty period, the Customer may continue to use the services of the SolarX service at the conclusion of the service contract.

In order to provide users with a timely and convenient after-sales service, regardless of where the SolarX equipment or SolarX solution has been acquired in Ukraine, there is always a possibility to apply for services to the nearest partner customer service center of authorized dealers for the sale and maintenance of SolarX systems in your area.
In addition, Solar X is ready to render the service of the Technical Audit, which allows to clearly identify parameters of the future system of autonomous power or modernization already existing, competently approach the selection of equipment, consumables and to optimize the costs of Customers in the initial investments, even at the stage of compiling the primary Reserve Power Supply Solutions.
The main advantages of the "Technical Audit" service are:
1. Analysis of the energy consumption of the object to find the optimal solution for the UPS.
2. Provide a diagnostic report on the use of the UPS.
3. Answers to questions and user training on the site.
4. Wide selection of power systems by power, topology and structural features.
5. Service centers.
Each Solar X service center is equipped with the necessary professional diagnostic equipment and tools. Technical staff with a wealth of practical experience and professional skills.
Solar X Company provides free advice on services, equipment, technologies and other technical issues for any number indicated on the site.

One of the most important conditions for uninterrupted operation of equipment and systems, as well as the most important business processes of users, is not only the competent installation of the power system at the customer's site, but also the fulfillment of the operating conditions specified in the user's manual. In addition, LONG-TERM, QUALIFIED MAINTENANCE. The fulfillment of these conditions will ensure continuity, increase the life of the equipment and significantly reduce the cost of users during the operation and in the event of unforeseen circumstances.