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Ocd5 1999

Thermostat OCD5-1999-RUP3

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Thermostat OCD5-1999-RUP3- OJ Microline programmable touch thermostat "All in One" is used in underfloor heating systems. It is designed for temperature control with a floor temperature sensor and an integrated air temperature sensor. Temperature range: +5 ... + 40 ° C Dimensions: 82/82/40 (LxWxH) (depth 22mm). Display: 220 x 176 pixels TFT-color resistive touch. Weekly programming function for 4 or 6 events per day. Load: 16A / 3500W. Degree of protection: IP21. Warranty: 3 years.

Easy to navigate and creates optimal comfort with the lowest possible energy consumption.

-The possibility of programming in 12 different languages;

 -adaptive function;

- ready for new ECO requirements of the new EU directives;

- Easy installation with the easy snap of the front cover;

- compatibility with existing floor temperature sensors, which makes it irreplaceable for repairs;

- Built-in calendar and software function for automatically alternating periods of thermal comfort and low temperature;

-automatic daylight saving time;

-5-year backup power to the clock and calendar, which means that the settings will not change after a power failure;

- allows you to monitor the system by scanning the QR-code;

-measuring load for optimal control of energy consumption.

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