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Terneo s unic

Thermoregulator terneo s unic with touch control

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717 грн


The thermoregulator terneo s unic is complimented by a frame from the UNICA Schneider Electric series.

In the thermoregulator terneo st everything is taken into account

An interesting design solution, the simplicity of temperature control and a high level of security are the three components that make terneo st the market leader. And this is a well-deserved title, because when creating the device, all the details were taken into account, making it a highly effective acquisition for an affordable price. I would like to talk about some features separately.

Thermoregulator with unique design

Along with the sockets and switches, the thermostat is a detail of your interior. A removable thermoregulator frame having a wide color gamut is an innovative solution that designers have already highly appreciated, widely applying them when designing interior design. Under any texture and color of the walls you can choose the right shade, preserving the thoughtful style of the room. If necessary, the thermostat can be installed in a common frame with switches and sockets of the Unica series from Schneider Electric, with which the device is fully compatible.

Thoughtful solution

It is not uncommon for cases when a process sensor is installed during the installation of a temperature sensor. For example, in the corrugated pipe used in the installation, the mortar enters, the sensor is cemented, and when replacing the thermostat it is very difficult to get it. But terneo st is suitable for analog temperature sensors of our R10 production or for sensors from other manufacturers with a resistance of 10 kΩ at 20 ° C. You do not have to spend a lot of effort and time to retrieve the old sensor - just connect terneo st to it and it will work.

Safety of operation

The thermo regulator terneo st will ensure the smooth operation of your underfloor heating even in the event of a temperature sensor failure (for example, in the event of a water supply failure and flooding of the room). After all, if you have warm floors are the only heating system at home, and it's cold outside, then there is no time to wait for the master who will bring and install a new sensor. Using the thermostat for the warm floor terneo st, you can be calm. He himself controls the work of the sensor and, in case of failure, automatically switches to the percentage control mode, ensuring the normal functioning of the system "warm floor". And the intelligent security system of the device will ensure, at its exploitation, the maximum safety of your property from a fire. When the contacts are heated and the temperature inside the housing increases, which sometimes arises from errors during installation, the thermostat switches off automatically.

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