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Heat pump Deron SCH-AWM6DC inverter

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Inverter monoblock heat pumps

Inverter monoblock heat pump DERONSCH-AWM6DC
(Multifunctional invertor monoblock heat pump of the class "air-water" for heating / cooling and hot water supply (HW)

Thermal return (temperature of the carrier is 35 ° С) - 6.5 kW, for residential premises 45-60 sq.m.

  • Heat pump with DC inverter monoblock;

  • A wide range of changes in the frequency of operation of the compressor from 20 to 110 Hz;

  • Energy efficient - up to 30% savings compared to conventional pumps;

  • Less noisy and more accurate temperature control in the room +/- 1 degrees ;

  • High efficiency up to 4.5 (air-7 ° С, water-35 ° С);

  • Wide temperature range of effective work: from -25 ° С for heating, up to + 43 ° С for cooling;

Technological components of the construction of the inverter monoblock heat pump DERONSCH-AWM6DC:

  • Frequency brushless twin-rotor compressor with an enlarged tank, low noise and increased strength of materials.

  • Flat heat exchanger, shape design with low resistance and light weight.

  • Saginomiya 4-channel valve, switching cold / heating, intelligent defrosting.

  • Electronic expansion valve, wide switching range, more precise control.

  • Evaporator with a high level of heat transfer.

  • Direct current motor, adjustable speed, low noise.

  • Inverter controller, with automatic conversion of the rotational speed of the compressor rotor.

Applications for the heat pump:

  • House heating + hot water supply (HWS);

  • Cooling the house;

  • Hot water supply (HWS).

Technical capabilities of the DERON heat pump monitoring and control system of the DERONSCH-AWM6DC series

Automatic control of heating temperature;

Error mapping;

Automatic cooling temperature control;

Setting parameters (23 parameters are configured for control);

Automatic control of DHW temperature;

Clock mode;

Automatic / manual defrost modes;

Check ambient temperature;

Displays the performance of the compressor;

Check evaporator coil temperature;

Displays the performance of the water pump;

Check the water temperature of the system at the inlet and outlet;

Displays the performance of the heat pump fan;

Check the discharge temperature of the compressor;

Display of 4-channel valve performance;

Anti-freezing temperature on the condenser side;

Backup heater control;

Control 3-way valve for leakage.

Design features of the heat pump DERON Series DERONSCH-AWM6DC:

  1. Spiral Сopeland compressor with EVI technology for low temperatures.
  2. R407C refrigerant.
  3. Emerson expansion valve.
  4. Saginomiya 4 channel valve.
  5. Magnetic valve castel
  6. Coaxial (tube in tube) heat exchanger.

Automated heat pump protection system DERON Series DERONSCH-AWM6DC

Protection against failures in the exchange of data between the processor and the control panel;

Protection against low pressure in the pump system;

Protection against failures of the temperature sensor of water;

Control of water flow in the system;

Protection against failure of the ambient temperature sensor;

Condenser freeze protection;

Protection against temperature sensor failures on the evaporator coil;

Protection against excessive lowering of the outlet cooling temperature;

Protection against failures of the temperature sensor for gas cooling of the compressor;

Protection against skewing power;

Protection against failures of the heating / cooling water temperature sensor at the inlet and outlet;

Protection against failures of the temperature sensor of antifreeze water;

Protection against excessive pressure in the pump system;

Protection against excessive gas thawing of the compressor.

You can buy a heat pump deron sch-awm6dc inverter by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the heat pump deron sch-awm6dc inverter online you can in the store

You can order the heat pump deron sch-awm6dc inverter by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7

Main technical characteristics of the heat pump

DERON series



Producing country


Heat pump type

Air - water

Thermal power


Cooling power


Electric power


Conversion factor


Used refrigerant


Operation mode

Heating / Cooling / DHW

Maximum temperature of supply of the heat carrier


Minimum ambient temperature


Maximum ambient temperature


Noise level






Maximum heating temperature


Heating area


Number of modules


Payback period


Warranty period