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Thermal pump 11 kW DERON DE-27WB (Panasonic)

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The DERON DE-27WB (Panasonic) heat pump is the ideal solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water up to 150m2.

The maximum energy consumption is only 2.7 kW.

Stable operation -10 ° C - 45 ° C.

Heat pumps are innovative equipment, the task of which is to heat various types of premises. The principle of operation of such models is based on the transfer of heat from the low-temperature source to the final consumer.

Key Features of Heat Pumps

First, you need to understand the general principle of modern heat pumps. The work of such equipment is based on the classical physical process, when the gas passes into a liquid state:

in the evaporation process, the substance is capable of absorbing heat, which then gives off during condensation;

evaporative temperatures and condensation temperature parameters directly depend on the pressure parameters - the higher the pressure, the higher the phase transition temperature.

The design of heat pumps is standard: it includes a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, a choke (flow regulator), a refrigerant (in refrigerant refrigerant refrigerants, freon is a liquid that circulates through the circuit).

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