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Heat carrier for solar systems and solar collectors 10 l

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555 грн


Econord Solar professional heat-transfer agent based on hydrogen solution of safe propylene glycol formaldehyde
class with a slight odor, contains the necessary stabilizers, water, dye. The product does not contain poisonous or poisonous substances
(Nitrites, amines, phosphates, alcohols, monoethylene glycol) that pollute the environment and create a danger
for the health of people, animals.
The product is designed specifically for use in thermal solar systems with high operating temperatures
(Particularly in tubular vacuum collectors). A unique complex of inhibitors SuperSOL 1100 provides corrosion protection
the main groups of metals at temperatures up to + 160 ° C and the long-term stability of the product base, in contrast to the budget
(Low-quality), glycerol, other solutions of questionable origin.

Consumer preferences:
- Increases the productivity of the equipment (prevents the formation of deposits on the inner surface of the tubes)
- It inhibits the aging of metals (in the liquid and dense state of the product)
- Chemical and thermal stability of components (SuperSOL1100 technology)
- High resistance to degradation
- ensures the operation of units and equipment operating in a cold environment or climate up to -45 ° С
- Non-toxic, biologically friendly with the environment
- reduces maintenance costs of equipment
If desired, the consumer can independently adjust the required level of frost protection, mix the product with
other heat and cold water on its basis. However, we recommend receiving additional free technical advice
to select the product, based on the conditions of your project or scope.
The production technology is based on cooperation and recommendations from German specialists in the heat engineering industry
guarantees the excellent quality of the final products.

Areas of application:
Econord Solar is designed taking into account the operating mode of various equipment, primarily for systems
alternative energy. It has a high level of flexibility, practically for any operating conditions in the range
temperatures from -50 ° С to + 200 ° С:
- solar systems;
- Solar collectors (collectors-concentrators, vacuum, etc.);
- Heat pumps;
- Industrial systems (solar power stations)
- combined autonomous CO.

The patented SuperSOL 1100 formula guarantees Econord Solar users a permanent anti-corrosion protection on
the main metal groups for five years. Special inhibitors instantly block the onset of development of negative processes
destruction of metals in the "anti-freeze" or "heating" modes. When heated, they actively wash off iron oxide and
biological deposits, keep the inner surface of the walls of the heat pipe clean. Which in turn contributes to rapid
transfer of collected heat energy from the collector to heat consumers.
In the cooling or conservation mode (the system is switched off), by passive action, the inhibitors themselves envelop
the internal surface of metals and temporarily block the process of their potential destruction due to local corrosion,
destroy organic bacteria (eg mold, fungus) throughout the life of the product.

The table shows the level of corrosion protection and
anti-aging effect of materials within 14 days
tests at 88 ° C.
in accordance with the requirements of ASTM D 1384 (American
Society for Testing Materials) and exceed GOST

Material                                    Corrosion Rate
Copper (SF Cu)                        - 0.50 g/m
Soft solder (L Sn 30)                 - 6.50 g/m
Brass (MS 63 )                          - 0.30 g/m
Steel (HI)                                  + 0.10 g/m
Cast iron (GG 26)                     ± 0.1 g/m
Aluminum alloy (G-AlSi6Cu4)   - 0.50 g/m
Special steel (1.4541)               - 0.20 g/m
ATTENTION! If the system has rust, it can not be completely eliminated, even when using a professional
heat and cold water. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to ensure an even distribution of the inhibitors on
nerve internal surfaces. We advise in advance to take into account these features in the preparation of the system. Do not advise
Pour in the inhibited concentrate (solution) of propylene glycol! This rapidly accelerates the corrosion processes
metals (rather than water), wear of sealing materials.

You can buy a heat carrier for solar systems and solar collectors 10 l by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the heat carrier for solar systems and solar collectors 10 l online you can in the store

You can order the heat carrier for solar systems and solar collectors 10 l by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7


* The table shows the average weighted rates that are relevant at the time of printing the Technical Passport (TDS). Values can not be finite
technical specification of the product and are informative in nature. Some characteristics can be presented in the additional
booklets to a special product series.