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Occ2 1991

OCC2-1991 programmable thermostats

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Programmable temperature controllers OCC2-1991 - the best choice for creating optimal thermal comfort with minimal energy consumption. Thermostats control your heating system, including it at certain intervals on different days of the week. It is possible to set 4 modes (events) for each day with different temperatures. Temperature range: +5 ... +40 ° С Dimensions: 80х80х48 (LxWxH). Load: 16A / 3500W. Degree of protection: IP21. Warranty: 3 years.

An inclined digital display with backlight makes it easy to read information. Switching the thermostat on and off is done using the button-switch. When you first turn on, you only need to set the time and day of the week. The thermostat is supplied with the factory settings of programs that are suitable for most objects. The factory settings of the time and temperature ranges can be changed depending on the needs. It is possible to select the following programs: - 4 modes for 5 days and 2 modes for 6-7 days, - 4 modes for 6 days and 2 modes for 7 days, - 4 modes for 7 days. Return to the factory settings is by pressing a sharp object in the hole marked with R. Using the option "manual control" the specified programs can be easily canceled, and the thermostat is switched to the mode of long-term support of one temperature. This is especially convenient during holidays or holidays, when you need to lower the temperature, because in the room for a long time no one will be. To return to the specified programming, simply press the "OK" button. OCC2 have an adaptive function by means of which the thermostat calculates independently when the heating has to be switched on so that the comfort temperature is reached at the set time. In the factory settings, this function is not activated, that is, the thermostat switches on the heating at the set time. The adaptive function can be easily activated using the "Programming Guide". If the thermostat supply is disconnected from the mains for more than 50 hours, the thermostat will return to the factory settings of the programs and you will have to enter the time and day of the week. All settings and the current time will be saved if the heating system is turned off with the key-switch on the thermostat. The function of monitoring electricity consumption allows you to monitor energy costs. It is allowed to install thermostats in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity.

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