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Zazhim dlja infrakrasnogo teplogo pola

Clip for infrared warm floor (crocodile)

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12 грн


The connecting clip is a crimp contact clip with special teeth, which, by destroying the outer polyethylene base of the heater, provide reliable and full contact with the conductive copper strip of the heating film.

The connecting clips are made of a special copper alloy, which is ideal for contacting the copper strip of the heater with an electric wire. The clips are delivered directly by the manufacturer of the heating film and only with their (correct) use is guaranteed the long term operation of the infrared film heater.

You can buy a clip for infrared warm floor (crocodile) by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the clip for infrared warm floor (crocodile) online you can in the store

You can order the clip for infrared warm floor (crocodile) by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7