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Infrared skin for the warm floor SX305 SolarX (Korea)

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The infrared heating film is made by applying a heating element - carbon paste, current-carrying bands of tin-plated copper and silver contacts to the heat-insulating film with subsequent two-sided hot lamination. A distinctive feature of the heating film SolarX is the presence of a silver mesh for the separation of current-carrying strips and a heating element. This prevents the formation of a spark, which as a result makes the film completely safe and extends the service life.

Warm film flooring is a polymer with a thickness of 0.338mm which, when passing an electric current, emits infrared rays that have a heating effect, evenly and comfortably warming up objects, walls, ceiling while the air in the room remains cool.

Infrared heating film SolarX has a wide range of applications:

- used to arrange a warm floor for the following floor coverings: laminate, parquet board, parquet, wooden board, linoleum, carpet;

- Ceiling heating;

- heating of walls;

- heating of mirrors;

- heating of containers;

- soil heating in greenhouses;

- heating of the animal habitat

Advantages of SolarX heating:

- installation of the SolarX film is simple, it takes a little time since it does not require screeding and does not require maintenance costs;

- quick and even heating for 4-8 minutes;

- it is possible to heat both the whole room and individual parts;

-Eco-friendly and safe source of heat. Heating elements emit infrared heat. It's like the sun that heats objects while preserving the natural humidity in the room. Infrared radiation has a beneficial effect not only on humans, but also on plants, neutralizes smells, maintains an atmosphere of freshness and coziness in the home.

- The SolarX film is reliable in operation. The guarantee for it is 10 years, and the confirmed service life is more than 20 years. In case of mechanical damage to the film heating system, only the damaged strip must be replaced.

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