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Sx lew2000t02

UPS SolarX SX-LEW2000T/02

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Sale 14032 11622 ГРН


UPS SolarX SX-LEW2000T/02 linear-interactive inverter-type advanced technological solution for power grids with low power quality.

SolarX uninterruptible power supplies are the most efficient solution, due to a number of technical advantages, such as:

  • the greatest popularity among users and the average cost;
  • 4-step voltage stabilization with a booster (AVR). Passive voltage filters are widely used in the design when operating from an alternating current network;
  • function "cold start" (from the battery in the absence of external power);
  • protection against overloads and short circuits;
  • possibility of selecting the operating mode: "UPS mode" or "Inverter mode";
  • a wider range of input voltage (in an unstable network, less likely to switch to battery mode);
  • extended battery life thanks to the ability to connect additional outdoor batteries. Choice of charging mode for several types of batteries. Protection from deep discharge;
  • Enhanced intelligent network charger 5A / 10A / 20A / 30A / 45A with the ability to adjust the charging current allows you to connect a large capacity battery, optimizes their operation, shortens battery charging time and extends their operating life. Applicable to 8 types of batteries;
  • pure outgoing sinusoid in battery operation mode;
  • compatibility when working from a fuel generator;

remote to 15 meters LCD display.

The main application of the SolarX SX-LEW2000T/02:

Protection of a not very responsible load in areas with a stable frequency and small variations in the amplitude of the voltage. The input network has no serious interference.

The SolarX SX-LEW2000T/02 UPS is used for reliable protection of equipment and critical systems, including:

- Medical equipment,

- IT equipment,

- automatic control systems,

- instrumentation,

- Heating technology,

- as well as equipment, especially sensitive to the quality of the input power supply.

  • Architecture type: Linear interactive (inverter type)
  • Type of execution: Floor (possibility of mounting in a panel or on a wall)
  • Output waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Battery: External
  • Power, VA / W: 2000/2000
  • Battery voltage, V: 24
  • Power factor: 1
  • Number of phases (input / output): 1/1
  • Lower threshold of input voltage, V: 160
  • The upper threshold of the input voltage, V: 265
  • Output voltage, V: 220/230
  • Mains frequency, Hz: 45-65
  • Voltage accuracy at battery operation,%: ± 2
  • Battery charge current, A: 10/20/30/40/50 A
  • Display information: LCD (remote)
  • Operating temperature, ºC: 0 ... +40
  • Humidity,%: 20 ... 90 (without condensation)
  • Dimensions W * W * D (mm): 215 × 277 × 526
  • Manufacturer: SolarX (China)
  • Warranty, months: 12

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