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Etf 944 99 h

Sensor ETF-944/99-H

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765 ГРН


Sensor ETF-944/99-H. Wall temperature sensor in the room.

Used to control the temperature of the air in the room. Mounting type: wall-mounted. Dimensions (LxWxH): 84x84x28. Temperature range: -20 ... + 70 ° C. Degree of protection: IP20. Warranty: 3 years.

The wall temperature sensor in the room, as well as the thermostat with the integrated air temperature sensor, is mounted on the wall at a height of 1.6 m from the floor surface so that the air circulates freely around it. When choosing a location on the wall, it is necessary to avoid the effects of drafts, direct sunlight and other sources of heat, as well as walls that go out into the street. Mounted in a standard wall box or directly on the wall. The sensor cable can be extended up to 50 m using a power cable. The sensor can be connected to thermostats instead of the floor temperature sensor ETF-144 / 99A.

You can buy a sensor etf-944/99-h by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the sensor etf-944/99-h online you can in the store

You can order the sensor etf-944/99-h by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7