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Solar Solar System-CY-300L-30

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Solar Solar System-CY-300L-30

The package offer is designed for year-round daily consumption of 300 liters of hot water per day. Such a system is ideal for dacha, cottage, individual installation for an apartment or any other object.

Modern heating systems are increasingly focused on the use of renewable energy sources. The new generation systems are environmentally friendly, focused on autonomous work, energy saving, as well as saving money in the period of operation in comparison with "traditional" heating systems (electric, gas, etc.).


-high productivity of at least 90%

-use of solar solar systems significantly reduces the cost of hot water supply, allowing you to save up to 70%;

- possibility of integration into the existing hot water supply / heating system;

In the SolarX-CY -300L-30 solar system:

Vacuum collector 30 tubes (Heat-pipe)

Frame (aluminum alloy)

Storage tank 300 liters (with 2 heat exchangers)

Expansion tank

System Controller

Work station

Magnesium anode

Additional Information:

Operating mode - year-round;

Principle of operation-under pressure;

Manufacturer - SolarX, China;

Warranty period - 2 years;

Service life is 25 years.

You can buy a solar solar system-cy-300l-30 by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the solar solar system-cy-300l-30 online you can in the store

You can order the solar solar system-cy-300l-30 by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7