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Terneo ax

Wi-Fi thermostat terneo ax

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1102 грн


Wi-fi thermostat generation of Internet of Things (Internet of things). It is quickly and conveniently controlled from a smartphone and PC with Internet access.
terneo ax is connected via a home network wi-fi and the Internet to the cloud terneo. The cloud provides storage of settings and statistics, makes connection via the Internet secure.
The transparency of the processes of heating and power consumption through the Android application meets the expectations of the modern person.

Managing the heat from the phone is easy

- Settings with buttons and via Wi-Fi

- 16 periods per day when operated from a phone and a PC

- The easiest connection to a Wi-Fi network

- A beneficial combination of functionality and quality

Wi-Fi thermostat terneo ax opens a new generation of devices for home automation. Using screens of smartphones and PCs brings convenience of interaction to a new level. In this case, the thermostat remains independent; all the settings, the work schedule and some statistics of the work are stored in its non-volatile memory. In other words, terneo ax will clearly maintain the temperature in the absence of the Internet, and if the mains voltage drops to 2 days, it will restore the work according to the schedule without failures.

Work with any device through the browser. Also available is the terneo app with Android.

Weekly schedule and viewing charts for the day, week, month, year.

- Free firmware update via the Internet

- Can operate without sensor in timer mode (proportional mode)

- Works with almost all temperature controllers from other manufacturers

- You can lock the buttons so that someone does not accidentally knock down the settings

- It is possible to lock the controls from the control buttons

- Departure mode makes it easy to transfer to economy mode in case of departure from home

- Suitable for controlling hot water floors - can control both normally open and normally closed thermoelectric heads

- Presence of Cooling mode allows to control the load in the cooling mode

- Adjustable hysteresis of 0.5 ... 10 ° С

You can buy a wi-fi thermostat terneo ax by visiting our office in Kiev.

Buy the wi-fi thermostat terneo ax online you can in the store

You can order the wi-fi thermostat terneo ax by the phones indicated in the contacts or order a return call.

Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Livarskaya Street, 7