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Termosifonnyj kollektor

Thermosiphon solar collector SolarX SXQG-300L-30

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Артикул: HS00611_11

14297 грн


Thermosiphon solar collectors SolarX with an integrated tank are effective for providing hot water for seasonal activities in the period from April to October.

Model SolarX SXQG-300L-30 is designed for daily consumption of 300 liters of hot water.

Thermosiphon seasonal solar collector is one of the simplest and affordable solar water heaters. They differ in their simplicity of construction and low price. The main component of the solar collector SolarX SXQG are glass vacuum tubes, which are located at a certain angle and connected to a storage tank. The circulation of the heating medium in the system is due to natural convection: when the water in the collector tubes heats up, it becomes lighter and rises to the upper part of the tank, and the cold water is respectively lowered into the lower part of the tubes.

The solar water heaters SolarX SXQG must be installed above the level of water disassembly in the unpretentious section of a pitched or flat roof on the south side (with the maximum orientation to the South).

Thermosyphon solar collectors SolarX are excellent for hot water supply in the holiday season of hotels, boarding houses, tourist centers, swimming pools, summer showers.

Main advantages:

- high performance

- cost-effectiveness

- easy installation, simplicity and reliability in further use;

- Affordable low price and quick payback.

The SolarX SXQG-300L-30 seasonal solar system includes:

• Vacuum tubes: 30pcs

• Frame (stainless steel): 1 piece

• Storage tank 300L (stainless steel): 1 piece

• Pouring tank: 1 pc.

The thermosyphon non-pressure seasonal solar collector can additionally be equipped with:

• Controller TK-8A (with sensor and electric valve);

• Air-vent pipe: 1 piece;

• Magnesium anode: 1 piece;

• Electric heater (TEN).

Additional Information:

Operating mode is seasonal;

The principle of operation is without pressure;

Manufacturer -SolarX, China;

Warranty period - 12 months;

Service life is not less than 10 years.

Schematically, a non-pressure thermosyphon solar collector can be represented as follows:

1 - vent tube

2 - cold water supply

3 - filling tank

4 - hot water intake

5 - input for the sensor controller (the controller is not included in the basic configuration)

6 - draining the water from the tank

7 - electric heater (not included in the standard equipment)

You can buy a thermosiphon solar collector solarx sxqg-300l-30 by visiting our office in Kiev.

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