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Heat pump NEW Energy DC inverter 8 kW, Mitsubishi

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The ideal solution for a small house or apartment is hot water and heating.

Nominal heat output (kW) 7.2

The nominal volume of water is 245 liters per hour

It operates in two modes: heating and hot water.

Stable operation at -25 ° C.

Heat pumps of the new generation are developed with the use of various technologies that improve energy efficiency, which save considerable funds for heating residential premises and industrial facilities.

Heat pumps DC inverter, which should be purchased for high heating efficiency, are designed to significantly reduce power consumption, improve the wear resistance of equipment.

Basic principles of inverter operation

Heat pumps with DC inverter technology, the price of which, of course, will be much higher than the classical models, are innovative developments for greater energy efficiency and cost savings.

A classic heat pump with a standard electrical system works continuously, that is, in a DC network. The inverter mechanism installed in the electric system of the heat pump allows the equipment to switch independently and convert the current into an alternating current and back to a constant one.

After the transforming processes in the electrical circuit, the voltage and current frequency change, which makes it possible to change the heat pump performance with great convenience, the degree of its heating - the conversion of a cold source into thermal energy.

Advantages of using DC inverter technology

In general, the inverter mechanism in modern models of heat pumps allows us to speak about the following advantages of its application:

rapid heating: the first minutes of its operation, the inverter mechanism begins to gain more powerful turns for faster heating of the room;

saving energy for electricity: when a specified temperature is reached, the heat pump with inverter reduces its speed and power of operation, maintaining a given temperature regime and without consuming a large amount of electrical energy;

user comfort: with reduced speed, the inverter mechanism works almost silently.

Another key advantage of using DC inverter technology is the high durability of each heat pump element individually and of all equipment in general. Work on small capacities less wears out the mechanisms of the system. The operating life of such equipment is markedly increased.

DC inverter technology is an opportunity to save significant funds for the consumption of electrical energy.

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