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Thermal Pump Deron 12KW 12W / CW EVI (Copeland)

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The Deron 12W / CW EVI heat pump is the perfect solution for heating, cooling and DHW at home to 150m2.

Maximum energy consumption - only 2.7 kW.

Stable work at -25 ° C.

Heat pumps are innovative equipment, the purpose of which is heating various types of premises. The principle of operation of such models is based on the transfer of heat from the low-temperature source to the end user.

Recently, the most popular and sought after systems are heat pumps with innovative EVI technology.

Key Features of Heat Pumps

To begin with, we must deal with the general principle of the operation of modern heat pumps. The work of this equipment is based on the classical physical process, when gas passes into a liquid state:

in the process of evaporation that occurs, the substance is capable of absorbing heat, which then gives away in the process of condensation;

the evaporative temperatures and the condensation temperature directly depend on the parameters of the pressure - the higher the pressure, the higher the temperature of the phase transitions.

The design of heat pumps is standard: it includes a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, a throttle (flow controller), a refrigerant (in the heat pumps the refrigerant is freon - a liquid that circulates along the circuit).

The EVI technology relates to the modernization of the compressor of this equipment. Compressors in such models are equipped with an additional input for steam injection. The name of the technology is deciphered as "intermediate vapor injection", which is translated as "intermediate steam injection".

Advantages of EVI technology

EVI's heat pumps, which can be purchased at affordable prices in Ukraine and Europe, considerably improve the process of operation of all thermal equipment, increase its efficiency and efficiency.

In heat pumps, the refrigerant supplied to the main TPV valve system remains in an additional heat exchanger. The refrigerant stream, which is the main one in the heat pump system, is thus introduced into a lower temperature evaporator. As a result, Freon absorbs more heat generated by nature.

EVI heat pumps, the price of which, of course, significantly higher than the classic equipment models, increases the heating efficiency several times. EVI technology in Ukraine makes it possible to achieve greater energy efficiency, to install these pumps not only on residential facilities, but also on industrial plants, public buildings.

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