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The temperature control terneo mex is an ideal choice for a children's room, it provides a child protection mechanism.

Keeps temperature settings when disconnected thanks to the on / off switch.

Cases in which it is worth to choose the temperature regulator terneo mex

Temperature control terneo mex for older generation

Each of us has parents, grandmothers, grandfathers who are no longer young and we are striving to create comfortable living conditions for them. Not unimportant condition of comfort and coziness is the constancy of the temperature of the living quarters, besides the simplicity of maintenance of the heating system is also important. For our parents in old age it becomes difficult to stove the stoves, burning wood and coal, and it is difficult to prepare fuel for the cold season. The use of gas boilers does not give full comfort due to the fact that the air seems to have warmed up to the desired temperature, but the feet are still cold. With age, the human circulatory system begins to work worse, which leads to a worsening of the body's thermoregulation, blood circulation in the limbs, sensitivity to fluctuations in ambient temperature. Therefore, we often hear from relatives that their feet are cold.

Overcome all these difficulties will help the proposed system, which includes a floor temperature controller, a heater, an external temperature sensor and a heating cable for the warm floor.

The temperature control terneo mex is designed for people who find it difficult to understand the complex settings and modes of operation of modern multi-function devices. To adjust the temperature controller terneo mex does not need to study the instruction carefully, it's intuitive and does not cause any difficulties. It is enough to turn on the regulator with the switch on the front and select the desired temperature using the rotary control knob. The heating indicator of the heating system will glow until it reaches the set temperature.

This model is also suitable for conservative people who do not like all sorts of modern trends, those who value functionality in combination with ease of management.

Temperature control terneo mex for children's room

By equipping the children's room with a warm floor, you will have no reason for all kinds of unrest about the fact that your child crawls on the cold floor and runs the risk of getting sick. In addition, a system of this kind excludes all kinds of convective currents, thereby saving your home from drafts. You yourself can maintain the desired temperature regime in the children's room, while there are no hot surfaces that can be burned, do not burn out oxygen.

The terneo mex thermoregulator has a unique function that is not available in other models. With the help of special color limiters under the temperature adjustment knob, it is possible to reduce the temperature control limits, protecting it from changing the selected parameter. The green limiter fixes the minimum temperature limit, in red - the maximum. After such protection, the child will not be able to change the settings of the set temperature. In addition, the temperature regulator is designed in such a way that it can not be damaged by the baby, there is no glowing screen and adjustment buttons in the device that can be broken, broken or spoiled. A durable housing prevents the possibility of harm to the baby by electric shock.


The hysteresis of the temperature controller is 1 ° C, which allows maintaining a constant temperature of the floor with fluctuations of a maximum of 2-3 ° C due to the inertness of the cement-sand screed.

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