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UPS SolarX SX-LES1000T/02

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UPS SolarX SX-LES1000T/02 linear-interactive inverter-type advanced technological solution for electrical networks with low power quality.

SolarX uninterruptible power supplies are the most efficient solution, due to a number of technical advantages, such as:

  • the greatest popularity among users and the average cost;
  • 4-step voltage stabilization with a booster (AVR). Passive voltage filters are widely used in the design when operating from an alternating current network;
  • function "cold start" (from the battery in the absence of external power);
  • protection against overloads and short circuits;
  • possibility of selecting the operating mode: "UPS mode" or "Inverter mode";
  • a wider range of input voltage (in an unstable network, less likely to switch to battery mode);
  • extended battery life thanks to the ability to connect additional outdoor batteries. Choice of charging mode for several types of batteries. Protection from deep discharge;
  • The strengthened intelligent network charger 10/20 A with the ability to adjust the charging current allows you to connect a large capacity battery, optimizes their operation and reduces battery charging time;
  • The SolarX SX-LES 1000T / 02 UPS incorporates a built-in PWM battery charge controller with a current of 50 A from solar panels, which makes the device more flexible in terms of power supply with use in areas with long power outages in the network or in its total absence. In priority, this UPS, which in the future can be easily integrated into the alternative power supply system by connecting the required number of solar panels to the built-in PWM controller;
  • pure outgoing sinusoid in battery operation mode;
  • compatibility when working on a fuel generator.

The main application of the SolarX SX-LES1000T/02 UPS:

Protection of a not very responsible load in areas with a stable frequency and small variations in the amplitude of the voltage. The input network has no serious interference.

The SolarX SX-LES1000T/02 UPS is used for reliable protection of equipment and critical systems, including:

- Medical equipment,

- IT equipment,

- automatic control systems,

 - instrumentation,

- Heating technology,

- as well as equipment, especially sensitive to the quality of the input power supply.

  • Architecture type: Linear interactive (inverter type)
  • Type of execution: Floor
  • Output waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Battery: External
  • Power, VA / W: 1000/800
  • Battery voltage, V: 12
  • Power factor: 0,8
  • Number of phases (input / output): 1/1
  • Lower threshold of input voltage, V: 145
  • Upper threshold of input voltage, V: 270
  • Output voltage, V: 220/230
  • Mains frequency, Hz: 45-65
  • Voltage accuracy at battery operation,%: ± 2
  • Battery charge current, A: 10/20
  • Charge current, A (built-in PV (PWM charge controller): 10/20/30/40/50 A
  • Information display: LCD monitor
  • Operating temperature, ºC: 0 ... +40
  • Humidity,%: 20 ... 90 (without condensation)
  • Dimensions W * W * D (mm): 290 × 307 × 123
  • Manufacturer: SolarX (China)
  • Warranty, months: 12

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