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UPS SolarX SX-NE3000T/01

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The SolarX SX-NE3000T/01 UPS (VFI in accordance with IEC 62040-3) with double energy conversion is the most advanced technology solution for power grids with low power quality.

SolarX uninterruptible power supplies are the most efficient solution, due to a number of technical advantages, such as:

the output voltage and frequency at the output of the UPS are independent of the input network;

A pure sine wave at the output of the UPS;

  • 100% protection of the power supply load from all existing electrical interference;
  • maximum wide input voltage range with output voltage adjustment;
  • UPS of this class, adapted better than others to work with external batteries;
  • possibility of working with generator set.

The main application of the SolarX SX-NE3000T/01 UPS:

Uninterruptible power supplies SolarX SX-NЕ3000T/01 are used for reliable protection of equipment and critical systems, as well as responsible loads in areas with unstable frequency and voltage amplitude fluctuations. The input network can have serious interference (industrial application).

- Medical equipment,

- IT equipment,

- automatic control systems,

- instrumentation,

- Heating technology,

- as well as equipment, especially sensitive to the quality of the input power supply.

  • Architecture type: Double conversion (On-line VFI IEC 62040-3)
  • Type of execution: Floor
  • Output waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Battery: External
  • Power, VA / W: 3000/2400 ~ 2700
  • Battery voltage, V (DC): 96
  • Power factor: 0,8-0,9
  • Number of phases (input / output): 1/1
  • Lower threshold of input voltage, V: 115
  • Upper threshold of input voltage, V: 300
  • Output voltage, V: 220/230
  • Mains frequency, Hz: 45-54
  • Voltage accuracy at battery operation,%: ± 2
  • Battery charge current, A: 4.5 (8A max)
  • Display information: Display
  • Operating temperature, ºC: 0 ... +45
  • Humidity,%: 20 ... 90 (without condensation)
  • Height, mm: 318
  • Width, mm: 190
  • Depth, mm: 433
  • Weight, kg: 11,5
  • Manufacturer: SolarX (China)
  • Warranty, months: 12

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