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Battery SolarX SXA 9-12 (AGM technology)

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The main use of SolarX battery
Purpose for the accumulation, storage and transmission of electric energy in the following areas:
- communication equipment
- electronic equipment
- alarm systems
- emergency lighting systems
- IT industry
- medicine
- Very wide application in systems of alternative energy.

Certain advantages:
1. Long life (for high capacity SXA-SXG series (100-200 A / g) 12-15 years in buffer mode.
2. Use in the manufacture of strictly primary and quality raw materials.
3. Technical quality control during the whole stage, from production to shipment from the factory (substantially reduces the risk of defective products)
4. Lack of harmful influence on the external environment and human activity
5. The heat-resistant material of the airtight body creates maximum safety for the use of SolarX batteries
6. A wider range of operating temperatures, support for high discharge current, extending usability
7. Electrolyte in the form of a high density gel affects the improvement of efficiency, significantly increases the life span of SolarX ac, and also makes them safe to use. Even if the integrity of the body is violated, the electrolyte does not leak, and therefore will not harm the environment.

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Pickup from the office of LLC «SOLAR IKS» at the address: Kiev, Korenevsky per., 19/5


Nome Udc voltage: 12V
Capacity: 9 ac
Weight: 2.5 kg
Max current charge: 2.7A.
Max discharge current: 135A (5 sec).
Udc melting charge (25 ° C): 13.6-13.8 V.
Udc cycle charge (25 ° C): 14.5-14.9 V
Type of terminal terminal T1 / T2 / T25
in buffer mode (20 ℃) 10 years